Axel Springer gets rid of its wallstreet:online sites

Axel Springer Financial Media, a subsidiary of Axel Springer AG, has sold its 75% interests in wallstreet:online AG and wallstreet:online capital AG, as well as its 33.3% interest in  ZertifikateJournal AG.

The founder and former CEO of wallstreet:online, André Kolbinger, is acquiring Axel Springer’s 75.01 percent interest in the financial community wallstreet:online. Management Board member René Krüger and senior officer Ewald Brunen are acquiring Axel Springer’s 75.1 percent interest in the investment fund broker wallstreet:online capital as part of a management buy-out. The two former Management Board members and founders Christian W. Röhl and Werner H. Heussinger are to purchase Axel Springer’s 33.3 percent investment in ZertifikateJournal, a service provider for certificates and structured financial products.

Axel Springer says it will focus its online business media activities on the high-reach financial portal

Location: Germany, Berlin

Ref: F231109-437

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