Yippy acquires search engine Clusty.com

Yippy, formerly Cinnabar Ventures, has acquired metasearch engine Clusty.com from Vivisimo.

Clusty.com attracts approximately 100,000 unique visitors and supports millions of search queries per month. “Clusty has found the perfect digital home with Yippy as they are a company that values an edited yet impactful Internet search,” said John Kealey, CEO of Vivisimo. “Rather than focusing just on search engine ranking, we realized that grouping results into topics, or ‘clustering,’ made for better search and discovery. Our service is robust enough to handle the variety of information that the Yippy user is looking for and provide the results in a family friendly format with the combination of Yippy and Clusty code sets.”

The total price of the asset acquisition and licensing is $5.55 million.

Location: USA, Fort Myers, FL

Ref: F231109-435

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