Livedoor sold to NHN for just $67 million

The Japanese unit of NHN Corp.has agreed with Tokyo-based LDH Corp. to buy Liverdoor Co. for 6.3 billion yen ($67.44 million) to ramp up its business in Japan. The portal at one time had a market capitalisation of more than $7bn before its founder, Takafumi Horie, was arrested in January 2006 and later found guilty of falsifying the company’s accounts and misleading investors.

Sale Price:  6.3 billion yen / $67.44 million. LDH are to sell 100,000 shares in Livedoor to NHN by May 10. The sale accounts for 99 percent of LDH’s holding.
Acquirer:  NHN Japan
ACQ Web:
Other Web Links: Game Portal – Hangame Japan, Mobile Game Community Site – Hange
Location:  Japan, Tokyo
Region:  Asia
Description:  NHN Japan, established in September 2000, operates Hangame Japan, which is the largest online game portal in Japan. It ranked first place in the entertainment category of Yahoo! Internet Guide’s the WEB of the YEAR for three consecutive years (2004-2006). 2008 (2008) Revenue 11,507 million Yen: Operating Income 544 million Yen.
Category:  Online Games
Contact 1:  Chun Yang-Hyun, Chairman
Contact 2:  Morikawa Akira, CEO
Vendor:  LDH Corp
Vendor Web:
Business Sold: Liverdoor Co.
Location:  Japan, Tokyo
Region:  Asia
Description:  Liverdoor Co. offers various Internet solutions in Japan and internationally. The company primarily provides computer network consulting, computer network management, development and sale of computer programs, and network content editing and design services. It operates in Japan, China, Thailand, Germany, and Spain. Liverdoor Co. was founded in 1996 under the name Livin’ On the EDGE, Inc. and changed its name to Livin’ on the EDGE Co., Ltd. in 1997. Further, it changed its name to EDGE Co., Ltd. in 2003 and to Liverdoor Co., Ltd. in 2004.
Category: ISP, Software
Contact:  President, Ishizaka Hiroshi, LDH Corp 
FDN Database Reference:  F231109-384
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