Burst Media acquires On The Phone Media Limited

Burst Media, a leading provider of advertising representation, services and technology to independent Web Publishers, today announced it has completed the acquisition of On The Phone Media Limited – which conducts business as OTP Media (OTP). The strategic acquisition reinforces Burst Media’s position as the primary enabler of vertical content online and its 15-year commitment to providing complete advertising solutions to web publishers and advertisers.

Burst Media was the 16th largest ad network in the U.K. in February 2010, reaching nearly 12.3 million unique viewers. OTP will further enhance Burst’s presence in the U.K. market while providing a platform to expand the services it provides web publishers and advertisers. Advertisers will now have broader solutions to reach their target audiences, and OTP will gain access to Burst’s proven resources, processes, systems and technology.

Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Acquirer:  Burst Media
ACQ Web:  http://www.BurstMedia.com
Location:  USA, Burlington, MA
Region:  North America
Description:  An online media and technology company founded in 1995, Burst Media is a leading provider of advertising representation, services and technology to independent Web Publishers. Burst Media enables advertisers to reach finely segmented, engaged consumers as they visit Burst’s extensive number of interest-based sub-channels. Through its Burst Network and Burst Direct units, the company represents one of the broadest and deepest offerings of interest-based websites online. Burst also markets its ad management platform, adConductor™, which empowers content websites, online ad networks, and web portals to manage the complete process of ad sales and service. Burst Media is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices throughout the United States and in London.
Category:  Advertising, Technology
Contact 1:  Jarvis Coffin, CEO  
Vendor:  OTP Media
Vendor Web:  http://www.otpmedia.com 
Location:  UK, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  OTP Media was established in 2002 and works with premium publishers and brand advertisers to deliver innovative, bespoke, targeted marketing solutions which increase publisher revenues and deliver superior brand targeting, whilst maintaining the integrity of both the site and the brand. OTP Media exclusively represents sites such as www.streetmap.co.uk, www.carpages.co.uk, www.deliaonline.com, www.192.com, and www.Robbiewilliams.com.
Category: Advertising
Contact:  Ian Woolley, Managing Director of OTP Media  
Link: Press Release 
FDN Database Reference:  F231109-380

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