Guinness World Records has acquired

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-335
Acquirer:  Guinness World Records
ACQ Web:
Other Web Links: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, metacafe 
Location:  UK, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  The global authority on record-breaking achievements. According to Guinness World records, their website currently receives over 11 million visitors a year and 1,000 record applications each week.
Category:  Publisher
Contact:  Alistair Richards, Managing Director of Guinness World Records
Vendor Web:
Other Web Links: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
Location:  UK, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  Social networking site that allows users to upload videos of their dares and ‘bragging’ feats. was founded by Wim Vernaeve and Bertrand Bodson in 2006. The website currently has an Online community of 70,000 content generators, with their videos viewed up to 7 million times per month.
Category: Consumer website
Contact 1:  Bertrand Bodson, co-founder
Contact 2:  Wim Vernaeve, co-founder
Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Details:  Guinness World Records has acquired The acquisition comes at a time when Guinness World Records  is looking to improve their digital presence, particularly by expanding record-breaking into the online community. While plans for an integration program are finalized, will remain a completely separate entity, brand and target audience from Guinness World Records. The eventual incorporation of will allow Guinness World Records to extend their reach into social networking.
Link: Press Release

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