Distributed commerce network business Alvenda raises $5M

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Database Reference:  F231109-335
Business:  Alvenda
Web:  http://www.alvenda.com
Other Web Links: Facebook     Twitter
Location:  USA, Minneapolis, MN
Region:  North America
Business description:  Alvenda operates a distributed commerce network that creates opportunities for selling on Facebook and through advertising media. Alvenda was founded in 2008 by executives with domain expertise in retail software, online retail marketing, and interactive advertising industries. In July of 2009, launched the first store on Facebook with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.
Category: Social Network, Retail, Advertising
Contact 1:  Wade Gerten, CEO and co-founder
Contact 2:  Brian Howe, Chief Strategy Officer, co-founder
Contact 3:  Jamie Thingelstad – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer
Contact 4:  Michael Gorman, Managing Director, Split Rock  
Investors:  Split Rock Partners www.splitrock.com 
Round:  Series A
Amount raised:  $5,000,000  
Details:  Alvenda, Inc. has received $5 million in venture capital funding from Split Rock Partners to support its  growth. Split Rock Managing Director Michael Gorman has joined the Alvenda Board of Directors.”

Link:  Company Announcement

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