Targeted video advertising service Beezag raises $2.5 million

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Database Reference:  F231109-329
Business:  Beezag
Location:  USA, New York, NY
Region:  North America
Business description:  Targeted delivery of customized video ads to vetted individuals in real time through any Internet-capable device. These consumers earn money for viewing ads geared to their product preferences, plus they receive exclusive discounts and offers.
Category: Advertising
Contact 1:  Richard Smullen, Co-Founder and CEO
Contact 2:  Laurent Alhadeff, Co-Founder and President
Contact 3:  Steven Spencer, COO 
Contact 4:  Brian Dick, CRO
Contact 5:  Antoinne Spillmann, MD, Bruellan Wealth Management
Investors:  Bruellan Wealth Management

Amount raised:  $2,500,000
Details:  According to TechCrunch, targeted video advertising service Beezag has raised $2.5 million.

Link:  TechCrunch
 Targeted video advertising service Beezag raises $2.5 million.

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