Bright Things plc Receives $800K Investment in SocialGO from Veddis Ventures

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Database Reference:  F231109-331
Business:  SocialGo (owned by Bright Things PLC)
Web:     TWITTER     BLOG
Location:  United Kingdom, London
Region:  Europe
Business description:  Founded in 2007, SocialGO provides a build your-own social network platform. It is tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations for the monetization, ownership, control and customization of content and membership.
Category: Social Network, Technology
Contact 1:  Dominic Wheatley, CEO, Bright Things
Contact 2:  Stephen Hardman, Director, GOWIT and SocialGO
Contact 3:  Alex Halliday, Director, GOWIT and SocialGO  
Contact 4:  Vikrant Bhargava, Veddis Ventures
Investors:  Veddis Ventures

Amount raised:  $800,000 
Details:  Bright Things plc has announced that its flagship venture, SocialGO has received an $800K investment from Gibraltar-based Veddis Ventures. Vikrant Bhargava of Veddis Ventures has joined the board as a non-executive director. In addition, Bright Things has acquired Get On With It (GOWIT) Ltd., which has been providing development and support services for SocialGO since 2007. GOWIT directors Stephen Hardman and Alex Halliday will also join the board as joint managing directors.

Link:  Press Release

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