Get Satisfaction raises $2.3 million of a planned $3.5 million round

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Database Reference:  F231109-323
Business:  Get Satisfaction
Location:  USA, San Francisco, CA
Region:  North America
Business description:  Get Satisfaction is “a place where customers and companies can come together to answer each others’ questions: questions about shipping, pricing, fulfillment, the product itself, and myriad other details.”
Category: Forum
Contact 1:  Wendy Lea, CEO 
Contact 2:  Thor Muller, CTO 
Contact 3:  Lane Becker, President    
Investors:  Undisclosed
Amount raised:  $2.3 million 
Details:  Get Satisfaction has raised $2.3 million of a planned $3.5 million round according to an SEC filing.

Link:  Regulatory filing

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