WePay raises $1.65 Million

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Database Reference:  F231109-308
Business:  WePay
Web:  https://www.wepay.com
Location:  USA, San Jose, CA
Region:  North America
Business description:  “WePay is a payment tool for clubs, organizations, and associations to instantly create accounts for anything. These accounts provide electronic billing and collection through echecks, credit cards, and paper checks, and enable transparent spending through WePay debit cards, online bill pay, and electronic transfers.

Category: Online payments
Contact 1:  Bill Clerico, CEO and co founder
Contact 2:  Rich Aberman, co founder
Investors:  August Capital and angel investors, including former Intuit CTO Eric Dunn, contributed to the round
Amount raised:  $1,600,000
Details:  Online payments company raises $1,600,000
Link:  Scott Kirsner’s blog on Boston.com   Recent Regulatory Filing 

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