Mood-based video search firm, Jinni Media, raises $1.6M

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Database Reference:  F231109-295
Business:  Jinni Media Ltd
Location:  Israel
Region:  Middle East & Africa, Europe
Business description:  According to Jinni, “Jinni isn’t a social network, it’s an internet application designed to fit how people relate to movies and TV. And since conversation is part of that, we’ve created tools to meet people with shared tastes, compare preferences, and review and rank titles.”
Category: Search, Video
Contact:  Michael Pohl, CEO
Investors:  DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures (Isreal, Tel Aviv and USA, Menlo Park, CA)
Round:  Round A
Amount raised:  $1,600,000
Details:  Israel based Jinni Media Ltd has raised $1,600,000. The new cash will fund Jinni’s expansion and provide the resources it thinks it will need to chase after deals for its mood-based video search and recommendation technology.

Link:  Cable Digital News

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