MOL Global to Acquire Friendster

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-266
Acquirer:  MOL Global
ACQ Web:
Location:  Malaysia, Kuala Lum
Region:  Asia
Description:  MOL is a MSC Malaysia Status Company that operates and develops payment systems.
Category:  Payments
Contact 1:  Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Chairman
Contact 2:  Ganesh Kumar Bangah, president and chief executive officer   
Vendor:  Friendster
Vendor Web:
Location:  USA, Mountain View, CA
Region:  North America
Description:  Leading social network in Asia. With more than 115 million members worldwide.
Category: Social Network
Contact:  Richard Kimber, chief executive officer
Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Details:  The combined entity will maintain offices in various locations, around the world, including Mountain View, CA (USA), the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Ganesh Kumar Bangah will become the Group Chief Executive Officer of the combined entity while Richard Kimber will become the Non-Executive Chairman.
Link: Press Release

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