Western business angels invest in Russian online shopping site WikiMart

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Database Reference: F231109-247
Business: WikiMart
Web: http://wikimart.ru/
Location: Russia
Region: Europe  
Business description:   Russian shopping site
Category: Online shopping
Contact 1: Kamil Kurmakayev, co-founder 
Contact 2: Faldin Kurmakayev, co-founder
Investors:  Michael van Swaaij (Skype and eBay Europe); Mark Zaleski and Robert Dighero (QXL ricardo); Suvir Sujan (founder of Baazee), Fabrice Grinda (founder of Aucland, Zingy.com, OLX.com), Alec Oxenford (founder of OLX, DineroMail.com, DeRemate.com); Jose Marin (founder of deRemate.com) and Kerim Baran (founder of Yonja.com)
Amount raised: Undisclosed  
Details: Quintura reports that a group of Western business angels has invested in Russian online shopping mall WikiMart. The investment was made in May-June 2009.

Link: Quintura/Yakov

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