Naspers/MIH Group to acquire between 38% and 100% stake in Astrum Online Entertainment

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FDN Database Reference:  A0235-231115
Acquirer:  Naspers
ACQ Web:
Location:  South Africa
Region:  Middle East and Afica
Description:  Naspers is a multinational media company with principal operations in electronic media and print media.
Contact 1:  Ton Vosloo, managing director
Vendor:  Astrum Online Entertainment
Vendor Web:
Location:  Russia
Region:  Europe
Description:  Interactive entertainment market
Contact 1:  Sergey Orlov, vice president Astrum
Details:  Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has granted a permission to Naspers/MIH Group to acquire between 38% and 100% stake in online game developer and publisher Astrum Online Entertainment from DST (Digital Sky Technologies). Tthe transactions between Naspers and DST is part of a merger between online portal and Astrum Online. The merger is expected to include both stock and cash transactions. DST owns a 53% stake in and majority stake in Astrum Online while Naspers/MIH Group owns a 43% stake in Astrum Online’s revenues were estimated at $50 million last year.
Link: Kommersant

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