Vivendi/Canal+ Group acquire the 10% of Canal+ France owned by TF1

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FDN Database Reference A0235-231112
Date 24-Nov-09
Acquire: Vivendi (Canal+ Group)
ACQ Web:
Location: France, Paris
Region: Europe
Description: French international media conglomerate with activities in music, television and film, publishing, telecommunications, the Internet, and video games.
Contact: Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive
Vendor: TF1 (Canal+ France)
Vendor Web:
Location: France, Paris
Region: Europe
Description: French media holding company 
Contact: Nonce Paolini (Chairman of the board and CEO)

Aprox. Value: Euros 744,000,000 ($1.11 billion)
Details Vivendi/Canal+ Group and TF1 have signed a definitive agreement relating to the sale of the 9.9% of the capital of Canal+ France owned by TF1. This agreement, the value of which is €744 million, should be completed at the latest on December 31, 2009. On that date, Canal+ Group (which is wholly-owned by Vivendi) will increase its stake in Canal+ France from 65% to 75%. The impact of this transaction, which was originally planned for the first quarter of 2010, has already been taken into account, for an identical amount, in Vivendi’s debt in respect of TF1’s put option held by TF1 since January 2007 in the context of the acquisition of TPS by Vivendi/Canal+Group. An identical offer has been made to M6 for its stake of 5.1% of Canal+ France.
Link: Vivendi Announcement

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