receives $6 million in Series A financing


Location: USA, Campbell, CA
Region: North America
Description: Student textbook rental service


  • Mehdi Maghsoodnia, Chief Executive Officer
  • Colin Barceloux, Founder & VP of Business Development

Investors include:

  • Storm Ventures – Database Ref: I235-23-11-09
  • Adams Capital Management – Database Ref: I236-23-11-09

Amount raised: $6,000,000

Link:  BookRenter Announcement   

Details:, the online textbook rental site, has announced that it received $6 million in Series A financing from Storm Ventures and Adams Capital Management. This marks the first formal venture investment in the company since it launched in 2008. The new funds will be used to further extend the company’s reach and to build out the online platforms that enable existing partners to participate in the rental marketplace.  

  • Fund Raising – Ref: F235-231109 
  • Investors – Ref: I235-23-11-09: I236-23-11-09

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