Outright Raises $5 Million More For Simple Online Bookkeeping App


Business: Outright
Web: http://outright.com
Location: USA, Campbell, CA
Description: Free, simple bookkeeping app

  • Kevin Reeth, Co-Founder
  • Ben Curren, Co-Founder

Amount raised: $5,000,000

Investors include:

Investor: Sequoia Capital

Investor: Shasta Ventures
Web: http://www.shastaventures.com
Contact: Ravi Mohan: Managing Director

Investor: First Round Capital
Web: http://www.firstround.com
Contact: Rob Hayes: Partner;

Investor: SoftTech VC
Web: http://www.softtechvc.com
Contact: Jeff Clavier: Founder and Managing Partner


Link – TechCrunch 

Details: Outright Raises $5 Million More For Simple Online Bookkeeping App Sequoia Capital has led a second round of funding for Outright, investing $5 million with returning backers First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures and SoftTech VC.

Database: Funding November 2009

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