The Sale Process

Fusion has an unrivalled history of over 70 transactions in our sectors. That means we have experienced most of the possible pitfalls, issues and solutions.

Unlike many advisers Fusion’s role is to sit alongside its clients through the process from initial strategic planning, to initiating live discussions and agreeing LOI’s, right through the rigorous legal, financial and commercial due diligence phases and finally completion.

We believe the basis for a successful sale stems from a rigorous process and the points below will take you through the 10 stages we have developed to try to ensure, as much as possible, that any process reaches a successful conclusion.

Confidentiality is high on our agenda and our ongoing knowledge of the decision making individuals adds a further comfort beyond the standard NDA (non disclosure agreement).

The Ten Stage Sale Process

  1. Exit Review / Preparation
  2. Information Memorandum
  3. Targeting Buyers
  4. Management Meetings
  5. Initial Offer Deadline / Proposals
  6. LOI / Exclusivity
  7. Due Diligence
  8. Contract Negotiations
  9. Completion
  10. Earnouts

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