Pre-sale planning and preparation to maximise your exit valuation

Through an early strategic review followed by ongoing management support, Fusion can help you plan and prepare your business to achieve the maximum value for you, your shareholders and employees. This process can often begin a year or even more in advance.

Fusion will provide you with an objective review of your business and the core purchasers and then help you organise your business so that it meets market needs. The analysis can include a review of corporate branding, product development, databases, IP rights, online activity, cost of sales and overheads. Your future role in the business (will you stay/for how long?), retention planning for key staff, business and staffing infrastructure planning, preparation of accounts, tax advice a review of key contracts and the timing of the sale will also need reviewing.

The right buyer will often be looking to add significant value to the business post acquisition and will value most highly any strategic potential. If relevant, Fusion will help you to prepare a strategic plan for your business to reflect market opportunities. Our in depth, market knowledge provides us with a unique understanding of the latest and best innovations in the media sector. Each potential acquirer will attach different values to the various assets of your business from fast sales growth through to technological innovation.

Fusion will help you develop a strategy to deliver full potential whilst optimising the bottom line.

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