Fusion’s services for entrepreneurs planning to sell their business

As an entrepreneur, you’ve worked hard and taken risks to succeed. As with all successful businesses, you recognise the importance of understanding the marketplace and catering for your customers’ needs.

To realise the maximum value for your hard work you need an advisor with a similar approach.

Fusion is a sector specialist, whose team have completed over 70 transactions and have 20 years experience in the sale of privately owned businesses in the £3 million to £70 million valuation range. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector is unmatched by any mainstream accountancy firm or corporate finance team at an investment bank.

We have an unrivalled awareness of the performance of players in your sector, their chemistry and potential interest in deals of your size. And, unlike a generalist adviser, Fusion will have direct contacts with the decision-makers.

Fusion will ensure your company realises the potential it deserves.

More information on private company sales:

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