Evernote has raised $10 million in a “B” round!

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Database Reference:  F231109-246
Business:   Evernote
Web:   http://www.evernote.com/
Location:   Mountain View, CA
Region:   North America
Business description:   Notes ap for computer, phone, and the web. Handwriting recognition and digital ink software and technologies.
Category:  Software aps
Contact 1:   Phil Libin, CEO 
Investor 1:   Morgenthaler Ventures
Investor 2:   Troika Dialog
Investor 3:   DOCOMO Capital
Round:   B Round
Amount raised:   $10,000,000
Participants:  3
Details:  Evernote has raised $10 million in a “B” round! The lead investor is Silicon Valley venture capital firm Morgenthaler Ventures. Troika Dialog and DOCOMO Capital,  “A” round investors, participated as well. The service, which is available in English and Russian, works online and on mobile devices BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre as well as on Windows and Mac computers.

Link:   Evernote CEO’s blog (dated 25-11-09)

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